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In Australia 83% of female-identifying gamers have experienced offensive behaviour online. So, most 
switch their microphones off to hide their identity, and game in silence. 

The Campaign Platform  - Through their eyes

Firstly, we set out to show male gamers what it was like to play through a woman’s eyes. Using live voice-modifying technology, we disguised two prominent Aussie male gamers by giving them fake female voices and profiles, in an online first-person shooter game, so they could see what it was like to play through a woman’s eyes.
They experienced first-hand the level of constant abuse and bullying experienced by the opposite sex. Proving female gamers receive online bullying not because of their gaming ability but simply because they're women.

The Results

The campaign rapidly captured the attention of the world and even the UN! It shocked both gamers and non gamers and started a conversation which had hundreds of female gamers open up about their experiences.
The campaign reached more than 100 million people through earned media within one week of the release. On TikTok, the video hit 1.2 million views in 48 hours. 

Eyes Up Cup - A Fortnite Tournament 
With a custom Maybelline New York Fortnite map.

Executive Creative Director: Shane Geffen
Creative Director: Andrew Woodhead
Copy Writers: Anneliese Sullivan & Will Fox
Junior Art Director: Charlotte Smith & Selina Smyllie
Senior Designer: Aaron Wickers
Head of Strategy: Tallon Mason-Kane
Group Business Director: Charlie McDevitt
Managing Partner: Tim Evans
Lead Project Manager: Jenny Pham Manuel
Producer: Grace Quinn

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