McCann London: A proactive, conceptual idea put forward to McCann's London as an extension of their recent Nurofen campaign, ‘See My Pain’. 

The Truth
1 in 2 women feel their pain has been ignored or dismissed by a healthcare practitioner because of their gender. 
Which is why 72% of women don’t seek help from a medical professional even when their pain is severe. 
So, they turn to the next best thing: Google.

The Solution -
Reimagining the user experience of symptom Surfing 
We all know the risks and inaccuracies of Googling our pain, but it would be ignorant of us to tell women to ‘stop Googling and go see a doctor’, when we know it’s not a place where they feel heard or helped. 
Women’s health issues aren’t as visible online as men’s, yet more women turn to the internet for answers. 
More can be done to make symptom surfing more accurate and safer for women.

Nurofen are partnering with Google and hijacking the 'Im Feeling Lucky' button and turning it into an ‘I’m Feeling Pain’ button, which will be powered by an AI algorithm, specifically for searching your pain, making the results more accurate and safer for women.
Read more about how the algorithm works below.

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