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Due to the lack of racial representation in English Lit, black teens are understandably feeling neglected and less connected to books. So what about these teens who are also dyslexic, adding another barrier between them and the written world. These teens may not realise it but they are listening to poetry on a regular basis. They’re listening to rap. Rap originated from and represents the black culture. Rap and poetry, is just a combination of organised sounds and rapping can help improve auditory processing and language skills. 
Lit on beat is Penguins movement to bridge this gap between poetry and rap. To show these teens that literature is in the music they listen to. The movement aims to represent a culture that is being left out of the curriculum as well as helping those who struggle.

Nomination for Best Health Category 
The Drums Annual Chip Shop Awards
Piece: Protection - for Durex

Award: RBA (Royal Society of British Artists) scholar

The National Students Art Exhibition 

Piece:  Water 
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